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Pimsleur English

Pimsleur English Audio Books - MP3 Pimsleur Downloads.
Save money with these English Pimsleur Audios language downloads and start your first English lesson in a few minutes from now. Speak your first English phrases in only a few hours from now, it's possible!

English belongs to the group of Indo-European, West Germanic languages. It's origins are in England, and English is the first language for most people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the Anglophone Caribbean. Elgish is used extensively as a second language and as an official language throughout the world, especially in Commonwealth countries and in many international organizations.

Pimsleur English

ESL - English as a second language

The Pimsleur English audios are certainly the method of choice for beginners! By starting off right, i.e. by learning the correct pronounciation from start, the English student learns a lot faster and with great motivation. With the Pimsleur method anybody can communicate in English within a few weeks only, simply by listening and repeating after the English audio teacher for only thirty minutes per day!

You owe it to ourself to give this English learning method a chance, you'll be very glad you did! You will love the difference to conventional language learning: You will not have to learn isolated words to form your vocabulary. The integrated phrases teach you English vocabulary, English Grammar and English verbs, all in one go. .... and you will be able to communicate in everyday life with English speakers within a very short time.









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What satisfied customers say about the Pimsleur ENGLISH audios:

I never thought I could learn a language by CD. However, Pimsleur proved me wrong. If you have 20 minutes a day, and ears, then you can do it. The courses they sell give you enough language to travel and do basic conversation comfortably and fluently. They also sell advanced lessons that are well worth the investment once you complete this first level. -- Jesse Byrtus, USA

The Pimsleur family of language courses is probably the best available in the English-speaking world. Unlike most other audio programs, the emphasis is not on mindlessly repeating phrases... but rather on natural conversation. Spanish words and phrases are slowly introduced by the English narrator throughout the conversation, and you then incorporate them into conversation with the Spanish speakers (followed by the "right" response to compare yourself to). This more natural approach makes a huge difference in absorbing and retaining the knowledge. -- Steve D. Perkins, Atlanta, GA, USA

First a word of caution: because the Pimsleur method is 100% audio, you won't learn any spelling of words. If your goal is to learn to WRITE Spanish, this program won't be very much help to you on its own. Similarly, you won't learn (or have to memorize) any rules of grammar or verb conjugation tables. With the Pimsleur method, you learn simply by listening and speaking. You don't really learn WHY you say things this way in this case and that way in that case. You will learn the grammar more by osmosis than by memorizing rules. Memorizing rules really hampers your fluency because you're constantly thinking about the rule, how it applies to the sentence or phrase at hand, and performing a translation in your head. When you're listening to someone talking at a normal rate, you'll never be able to keep up and you'll need to ask the person to talk slowly and one sentence at a time. One of the main points of the Pimsleur method is that this step in the learning process (memorizing rules) is unnecessary. It is not how you learned your native language and, when you become orally fluent in any language, you no longer think about these rules you may or may not have learned along the way.  -- James Tetazoo, Ohio, USA